About Us

Welcome and let us introduce you to the modern reenactment of the sport of the Knightly Tournament conducted from the 14th-16th Century.  The majority of our rule sets matches exactly that as practiced during those centuries in mainly Western Europe.  You can read King Rene's Book of the Tournament and see most of our rules there.  We of course have updated and modernized them to account for the evolution of our modern materials, processes and reality, to ensure a safer environment than what was practiced by our ancestors.

Duels Training

The foundation of our training is 1 verse 1 fencing (without thrusting).    We train in the primary 4 categories which are Sword and Sheild, Sword and Buckler, Longsword and Pole Arm.  The majority of our training is leveraging foam gear prior to using armored equipment.

Outrace Training

This format is 1 verse 1 and includes grappling.  This is similar to Duels training, but include boxing and other martial arts techinques such as Judo, but adapted to the uniqueness of armored combat.  Our training focuses on the use of foam, with training in armor prior to tournaments

Buhurt Training

The focus of buhurt training is to address the team dynamics where the formats include 5 verse 5 on up to 30 verse 30.   Our focus is to break down the various team situations and train in foam gear to ensure safety as we learn.  Then progressin to light armored sparring prior to tournaments.

Duels Tournaments

Duels Tournaments are conducted all over the world.  Our fighters have participated in tournaments all the way up to the World Championiships

Outrace Tournaments

Outrace Tournaments are conducted all over the world.  We have participated at the highest levels of competition in the sport.

Buhurt Tournaments

Buhurt Tournaments are conducted in various categories throughout the United States and accross the globe.  The formats our fighters have particpated in are 5v5, 12v12, 21v21, 30v30 and even 150v150.


We follow the rule sets refined since 2010 with continued focus on safety, standardization and regulation

A few of the organizations we follow are: Armored Combat Sports (ACS), American Medieval Combat Federation (AMCF), Medieval Combat USA.  Additonal regulations and other organizations are evaluated on a case by cases basis to ensure safety.

Hosted Tournaments

We host a variety of different types of events throughout the years.  From a show, which is a simple demonstration to a National qualifying tournament for Team USA.  In all cases we section an established ruleset to conduct the tournament under and ensure qualified staff is conducting the touranments.  A few examples of of events we participate in is Canterbury Villiage Medieval Faire and Arnold Sports Festival


The team comradery in the sport of buhurt creates an unforgettable and unmatched experience.  Many military veterans have compared it to their time and bonds created during their service.  We look forward to you joining us on this journey  into the past.  This video from the 2014 World Championships for the International Medieval Combat Federation (IMCF) showcases what awaits you

Boris Tuman

Growing up as a wrestler, when Boris learned about Buhurt, there was nothing that would stop him from participating.  Training since 2015 in Medieval Armored Combat, he has excelled and is the head trainer for Detroit Fight Club and the Order of the Pegasus.  As the 2023 champion in outrace for the under 155 weight class, he puts his techniques and skill to the test to showcase his abilities.

Richard Elswick

With over 25 years of training in Medieval Martial Arts and a lifetime of playing hockey, Richard experience brings  a wealth of knowledge and support to the club.  Additionally he participated as part of the 2012 Team USA, who were the first Americans to participate in the Buhurt World Championships in Warsaw, Poland.  With memberships in several world championships and a gold in 16v16 IMCF in 2014, he knows what it takes to win.