Medieval Combat !

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Welcome! We are the Detroit Fight Club!

We train fighters and teams for the various medieval combat formats in the sport commonly called Armored Combat or Buhurt!
We also run competitions and demos for the sport, both locally and at the Arnold Classic in Columbus, Ohio.

Our focus is on guiding and training our members to grow as skilled and effective fighters, warriors both and off the field.
We both men's and women's programs, and we compete in all formats of the sport: melee, duels, and profights (armored MMA).

Claim Your Free Trial!
(No Experience or Armor Necessary)

If you are interested in potentially joining the club, the first thing to do is to claim your free trial session! The steps are simple:

  1. Fill out the liability waiver!

  2. Pick a date for your first practice. Our trials take place during weeknight practices on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 7:30pm

  3. Reach out to us to book the date: Reach out via email ( or use another method to Contact us !

  4. Come to practice! Wear athletic groin protection and clothing you are comfortable exercising in.

  5. Practice with us and have lots of fun!


Detroit Fight Club fights out of
Michigan Top Team
22222 Telegraph Rd,
Southfield, MI 48033